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The 13th Shizuo Tsuji Food Culture Award for Expertise

Executive Chef Lionel Beccat has been awarded the “Shizuo Tsuji Food Culture Award for Expertise ” by the Shizuo Tsuji Food Culture Foundation


The “Shizuo Tsuji Award for Food Culture” is awarded to works, individuals, or groups that have made remarkable achievements and established a new world of food for the betterment of the world.

Chef Lionel’s Reward is introduced as follows. Thank you very much.


<Reasons for the Award

His gentle cuisine, the result of his contemplation and advanced techniques, inspired by his immersion in different cultures, encountering various ingredients, techniques, and people, and continuing to learn, resonates with the hearts of the people who eat it. We highly commend his work, which embodies the modern refinement of gastronomy as a culture.


<Comments from Chef Lionel Beccat>

It is a great honor, I am very moved. I welcome this distinction with gratitude and I know that it obliges me much more than it honors me, especially since I am the first foreign laureate.

This award underlines the commitment of men and women who contribute through their activities to the virtuous evolution of culinary culture in the broadest sense.

It rewards chefs who commit themselves through their technique and their talent to a responsible, sensible cuisine, respectful of history, gestures and terroirs, but also who by their convictions, their innovations and their actions inspire the younger generation.

I will try in the future to show myself worthy of this distinction.