Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス



ESqUISSE means “drawing”in French. It is an image of unbounded and free sensibility.
While rooted in the traditions and techniques of French cuisine, ESqUISSE incorporates Japanese ingredients and techniques to deliver a unique cuisine that is progressive and gentle.

Executive Chef Lionel Beccat grew up in the south of France, and his cuisine originates from the aromas brought by the “mistral,”the wind that blows over the Mediterranean Sea. With accents of citrus, spices, and herbs, it is simple, flavorful, and poetic.

The dishes are born from a proper attitude toward the earth and listening to the voice of the ingredients that are its blessings, bringing new life to the seasonal ingredients.

-Opens in June 2012
-Two Stars in Michelin Guide Tokyo (from 2013 to 2023)
-Four Toques(18.5/20)in Gault&Millau (From 2021 to 2023)
-2011 Lionel Beccat : Awarded the “Grade de Chevalier Dans
L’ordre Du Merite Agricole” (National Order of Agricultural Merit)
-2018 Lionel Beccat : Awarded ”Best Chef of the Year” in Gault et Millau 2018
-2021 Lionel Beccat Book publication “Cuisine of ESqUISSE” (Seibundo Shinkosha)
-2022 Lionel Beccat: Awarded 13th Shizuo Tsuji Food Culture Award
-2023 Eiji Wakabayashi : Awarded ”Best Sommelier” in Gault et Millau 2023



Cooking is a total discipline, the only one exercised by mankind who requires the simultaneous use of the 5 senses, it is, for the one who practices it, a deep joy, a singular way to tell about the world, a fundamental altruistic act as it calls for generosity, love, understanding, respect for life, listening, and a virtuous use of the earth.

To speak oneself of our own cooking philosophy is a perilous and vain exercise as this is a complex and moving process, also, the appreciation of a Dish depends on a multitude of specifics factors and sensors to the one who eats. For the one who cooks, he must let himself guided by a sum of elements that will naturally infuse its intentions, gestures and allegories.

It is necessary to “do”, passionately, intensely, then, nothing belongs to us anymore.

A bit like in calligraphy where the master impulse in a breath of creative energy, in a brutal and inspired gesture, absolutely everything he is, and which gives so much evocative force to his kanji, then, moved by this momentum, everyone will see his own projections.

So assembling sentences to describe all of this is impossible.

I prefer to share here my 4 cardinal points, glittering, safe and multiple, they are tags that enlighten my journey of Cook and man.


knowledge, logic, dexterity, conviction, precision, endurance

Instinct, Intuition, sensitivity, lyricism, imaginary, elevation

Geography, rules, history, taste, transcription, traditions, memory

Arts, singularities, philosophies, curiosity, discovery


Lionel Beccat



La cuisine est une discipline totale, la seule exercée par l’homme qui requiert l’usage simultané des 5 sens, elle est, pour celui qui s’y adonne, une joie profonde, une manière singulière de raconter le monde, un acte altruiste fondamental tant elle en appelle au don, à l’amour, à la compréhension, au respect de la vie, à l’écoute, à l’usage vertueux de la terre.

Parler soi-même de sa cuisine est un exercice périlleux et vain tant celle-ci est un processus complexe et en mouvement, aussi, l’appréciation d’un met dépend d’une multitude de facteurs et de capteurs propres à celui qui mange, quant à celui qui cuisine, il doit se laisser guider par une somme d’éléments qui vont naturellement infuser ses intentions, ses gestes et ses allégories.

Il faut « faire », passionnément, intensément, ensuite, plus rien ne nous appartient.

Un peu comme en calligraphie où le maître impulse en un souffle d’énergie créatrice, en un geste brutal et habité, absolument tout ce qu’il est, et qui donne tant de puissance évocatrice à son kanji, ensuite emporté par cet élan, chacun y verra ses propres projections.

Alors assembler des phrases pour décrire tout cela est impossible.

Je préfère partager ici mes 4 points cardinaux, scintillants, sûrs et multiples, ils sont les balises qui éclairent mon cheminement de cuisinier et d’homme.


Technique, savoir, logique, dextérité, conviction, précision, endurance

Instinct, intuition, sensibilité, lyrisme, imaginaire, élévation

Géographie, règles, histoire, goût, retranscription, traditions, mémoire

Arts, singularités, philosophies, curiosité, voyages


Lionel Beccat