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【EVENT】 RAW & ESqUISSE 2019 July 28 (Sun.) 29 (Mon.)

Please be advised that ESqUISSE will hold the collaboration event  “RAW & ESqUISSE” on July 28 and 29, 2019.

André Chiang, RAW Owner Chef and Lionel Beccat, ESqUISSE Executive Chef once worked together at Troisgros in France, each has created its own, advanced world. In January 2019, the two chefs developed a collaboration on the theme of “ROOTS” at RAW in Taipei.  In July 2019, on the basis of great achievements mutually inspired, they will collaborate at ESqUISSE on the theme of “Perception-Eyes on the World-”.  The dish is finished with the refined sensitivity. The two chefs explore together from each different Perception.



2019 7/28(Sun)、29(Mon) Lunch  12:00- / 12:30- / 13:00-   Dinner  18:00- / 18:30- / 19:00- / 19:30-

●Course Menu

Lunch  ¥24,000   Dinner ¥30,000

**Eight dishes including dessert, both for lunch dinner

●Pairing Menu

Non-Alcohol (5 glasses)  ¥10,000  / Wine (3 glasses)  ¥12,000  /  (4 glasses)  ¥16,000 / (5 glasses)  ¥20,000

**All the prices include tax, exclude service, per pax.




ESqUISSE Royal Crystal Ginza 9F  5-4-6,GinzaChuo-ku,TokyoJapan



After having experienced a number of numerous French restaurants around the world, including Troisgrosin France, Chef André Chiang opened “Restaurant André” in Singapore in June 2010.  Evaluated as Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2017 (# 2), World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2017 (# 14), and the NY Times “Top 10 restaurants in the World worth a Plane Ride“, while Elite Traveler magazine places him as one of the “15 Most influential chefs of the Next Decade”.  He opened “RAW” with new ambition in hometown Taiwan in December 2014.  RAW obtained 2 stars in the Michelin Guide Taipei 2019.


●PERCEPTION Eyes on the World
“Perceptions, it is a beautiful Prism for cooking. A dish is never as good as when it is thought, built and realized by
a man who listens, deeply, truly, beating the pulse of the world. For this it is necessary to have a permeable heart,
sensitive eye s and a sharpen spirit. It also takes a sincere humility and the urge to be a simple link, an element in what I
call “the virtuous use of the world”, we harvest raw material, and its require a singular language, an inner lyricism in
order to transform it into Edible material, beneficial to the body and stimulating for the mind. This ability to create
comes from our faculty to feed ourselves with the whole world, to know how to reap emotions and patterns of
thoughts in all that surrounds us, the sound of a branch that oscillates under a spring breeze, from the positions of a
craftsman’s body at work or reading a century old recipe, because cooking is feeling.” Lionel Beccat