Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス


TEL|+81(0)-3-5537-5580 / English phone call: +81 (0) 50-5369-5052

■Please call from around 10h30 to 17h30 on week days.

Online Reservation

We are accepting online reservations for the following courses only.
LUNCH ¥28,000(Sat.Sun.Holidays)/¥25,000(weekdays)(tax inclu.)
DINNER ¥36,000 (tax inclu.)

OpenTable does not accept reservation with any allergies or dietary request.
If you have any allergies or food items you do not like, please reserve via PocketConcierge or by phone.
We will not make changes to dishes on the day .

If you are unable to make a reservation online, please call the phone number above.
There may be other tables available.


■When making a reservation, we will ask you the following information.

[1]Date / Time / Number of People
[2]First name , Family name / Phone Number
[3]Seat Request (no special request / private room)
[4]Food allergy / Food you dislike if any /previous visit.
*We only offer Menu spontané, a course of our chef’s creations.
*Please note that we may call you to confirm your booking prior the reservation date.
*If you have any allergies or food items you do not like, please inform us  at least two days in advance..
We will not make changes to dishes on the day .

■Reservations are accepted approximately three months in advance.

・For July 2024

from 25th April(Thu.)

・For August 2024

from 23rd May (Thu.)

・For September 2024

from 20th June (Thu.)


■Cancellation Policy

If you cancel on the day of your reservation, cancellation fee will be charged for the course fee x number of the guests.
Please note that the same applies to a decrease in the number of reservations.
And reservations cannot be changed on the day. Please note that this constitutes a cancellation and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Please arrive at the restaurant punctually. For cases of late arrival beyond the last seating time of 8pm,
reservation will be cancelled and cancellation fee will be incurred.
Thank you for your understanding.

*For MENU NOEL(Dec.23-25), 100% cacellation fee will be charged from 2 days prior to the reserved date.
In case of change, please inform us at least 3 days in advance.

■In order for all of our customers to enjoy their meal in a pleasant environment, we kindly ask for the following:

  • We do not have a strict dress code but we do ask our male customers to refrain from wearing T-shirts, short pants, sweats,
    sandals or anything overly casual. We recommend our male customers to wear a jacket.
  • Smoking is not allowed, including the waiting space.
  • When you take photographs in the main dining room, we ask that you do not get other guests in the picture
    for the sake of their privacy. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Children younger than junior high school are not allowed. We thank you for your understanding.