Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス

Behind the Dishes

INTUITION | Quail, Amazon cacao, Marsalla wine

Good by beautiful little bird, you’ve been getting lot of love from people, so, thank you.
We collaborated with a small farm in Saitama that grows the bird only for us, they were absolutely delicious.

* Quail fillets were precooked in hay butter, marsalla and yellow wine at 58 °C, then lightly roasted with olive oil and salt
The head was served crispy and we spread on it a mousse made with the bird Giblets.
Legs where marinated in a home made shiokoji, then vigorously fried pan.
Some bird were entirely used to make a quail juice.
* The eggplant was Soft cooked in walnut oil, then snacked a little.
* The Blackcurrant from Iwate was macerated in slow gin liquor
* The yellow potato was prepared mashed, with an aromatic sour cream made with condiments
* There was a mixture of Amazon fermented cacao and very old brown miso