Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス

Behind the Dishes


Butternut fermented in white cheese then slowly roasted and thin butternut slice macerated in bitter orange and smoked, Salmon roe, tangerine, mimolette cheese, almond-tofu cream, orange oil, verbena foam

How I came up with this composition is still a mystery to me, I don’t know, it appears like that in my mind, that all those things would beautifully talk to each other, and create an harmonious discussion, because any living has a language.

It’s not even what we could call a « creative dish » I hate those words to define a dish, this is just the result of what I know and what I don’t know yet, it appears become I trained myself restlessly to combine ingredients, it made my instinct and my ability to listen to them stronger.

There is no need or desire to “create” but just to translate correctly the infinite messages that earth has for us.

This is intense, multidirectional, sensitive and very, very delicious, i do love it, very much, and so the guest !