Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス

Behind the Dishes

EXTRACTION | Scallops drawn with seaweed and blue cheese

Sometimes when you approach a dish, you have to get rid of any lyricism, any philosophy, anything that can clog the space between the product and yourself.Just find a way to make it speaks for itself, with a deep and strong voice.

The idea was simple, extract and refine the aromas of the scallop, focus on the strength of its bowels, rather than on the purity and sweetness of the nut. We buy them wild and alive from Hokkaido, then we “drown” them by immersing them in a mixture of kobu Dashi slightly enhanced with Blue cheese, the umami of the cheese will refine the scent of the bowels. The shells will immediately close keeping a little of the liquid inside their shell. Then we cook the whole shell under vacuum at low temperature, this will give elegance and depth to the nut. Finally we collect the juice from the bowels to make an intense juice, slightly softened by the fermented butter.

All this iodine intensity will harmonize with a sweet and astringent greenness, brought by raw peas, fuki paste, white celery leaf and celery oil