Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス

Behind the Dishes

Chamomile scented Sawara

The Sawara fish is brined and dried a bit to concentrate it’s flesh.

Then marinade for 24 hours with a mixed of white cheese, white shoyu, chamomile décoction.

We cooked it at low temperature, 42°c, then carefully roast it.

It’s paired with a thinking around the carrot

Stewed young carrot

“Vichy” carrot purée

Slice of fermented lacto carrot (salt, onsen water, lemon peel, cubebe pepper)

But also ….

Moroccan apricot with verjus and orange blossom

Reduction of noilly, viognier, katsuo, umeboshi

sour cream mixed with soy milk and olive oil white cheese

Lemon oil


This dish express the triptych


I love this interpretation, both intense and light, flowery and racy.

It is a circular composition, each element is worked in such a way as to sublimate its nature but also to respond to others.