Restaurant ESqUISSE | レストラン エスキス

Behind the Dishes


We, in Mediterranean Sea, have also a sort of Hamo we call it Murène, it is not so popular, and historically this was the fish for poor people since his price was affordable, they use it in the bouillabaisse and aïoli.

French people use to feel that this fish is tasteless, I was having this feeling too until I came to Japan, until I could totally assimilate that blankness is also a taste.

Prepared, cooked and paired harmoniously this fish reveals a wonderful delicacy.

Here, his flesh is reinforced and refined by the slow cooking in the nepeta oil, and the all other ingredients in the plate offers subtle variation to it

The Hamo fish is Confit in  nepeta oil and then ends with flame and on stone

The Tomatoes are prepared first like Kobujime, then cold-dried and then hot candied

The peaches are macerated in Gewurtzraminer, verjus, salt, mignonette and laurel

Aioli condiment is made of Mayonnaise, roasted eggplant pulp, garlic confit with orange peel, sherry vinegar

Fir the balance of harmony & freshness there is also a mix of Tomato water and peach natural water

Also in the plate :Nepeta oil, shiso flower, thyme, Camarguais salt flowers